Basal Body Temperature

Basal Body Temperature

BBT Charting Instructions Basal Body Temperature measuring instructions are below. Please download a blank chart above. Cycle The first day of menstruation is Day 1 of the cycle. Start a new chart on that day.If menstruation starts during the day, transfer that morning’s temperature to a new chart. Temperature Glass/mercury… Read More »Basal Body Temperature

preparing for fertility

Preparing for fertility

Most often than not, the most rewarding things in life require a certain amount of preparation. As you begin to think about pregnancy, consider taking three months prior to your goal month to start preparing for fertility, in other words, get your body ready for conceiving. Why three months you… Read More »Preparing for fertility



Bonus 1: Brush Bathing In Chinese medicine, infirmities that invade from outside the body are said to come in as a result of our bodies being in a vulnerable state. “Wei qi” is the name given to the energy that floats just over the skin and serves as your outermost… Read More »Bonus



Movement: Get regular, moderate exercise. Regular exercise helps keep our immune system healthy and builds lung capacity and endurance. Breaking a sweat on a regular basis allows our body to excrete toxins that don’t get cleared as well through other channels. Many of us will have been stuck in our… Read More »Movement

sleep and rest

Sleep and rest

Get plenty of sleep. Even before this coronavirus crisis changed our lives, sleep disorders were one of the most common reasons people sought medical care. With increased stress and uncertainty, even those who previously slept well may come to find it challenging to get adequate rest. Do some research and… Read More »Sleep and rest