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Everything you need to know about Maya Massage

What can I expect in my initial Maya Massage treatment with Karla?

The initial session consists of a consultation, Maya Massage and “Self-Care” massage instruction. Often a guided meditation and breathing exercises are also included. Importantly, I individually tailor the session to each client’s specific needs and comfort level.
After reviewing the consultation form prior to your arrival, I will start putting the pieces of the puzzle together to create a clearer picture. Furthermore, I use the information you have given me to form a plan on how we will resolve the current issue as well as a long term health plan.

What is the Maya Massage treatment like and what does it do?

The main focus during the massage will be on the abdominal area. This gentle external massage is designed to remove blocks in circulation, lymphatic drainage, nerve connections & scar tissue or adhesions. It also strengthens uterine ligaments to reposition the womb.
I also give attention to postural alignment which may also create many reproductive problems.

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Is that it?

I will also give you knowledge that you can use yourself at home by teaching you how to do your own simple abdominal massage treatment every day. It literally puts your health in your own hands.

How long before I can expect to see a change?

With regular sessions and dedication of your self care practice at home, you should begin to see a change within your first cycle. You can book a single 90 minutes initial treatment and a follow up a month later or 4 weekly slots regularly over the course of a monthly cycle.
If you are doing your own self-massage regularly, you don’t need to see me every week after that. It is important, however, to come in periodically for follow up treatments so that I can assess your progress. During these follow ups we additionally reaffirm your home self care. Also, if needed, I adjust the plan considering any other issues that may have arisen since your initial consultation.

Maya Massage

What’s next?

If you have any further questions please contact me or leave a comment below. If you’re ready to book a treatment please click below.

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