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Interesting times indeed

These are interesting times indeed. Though we’re not even four months into the Year of the Rat, this animal known best as a carrier of plagues has already made an indelible mark.

Whole countries are shut down, the stock market is in a tailspin, and many facts are getting lost in a mire of hearsay. It may seem as if 2020 itself has been cancelled.

I believe that the key to meeting the headwinds of this coronavirus calamity is to separate the signal from the noise; to parse out the true and helpful information from the fear-inducing hype and misinformation that has so dominated our attention of late. Interesting times indeed.

My mission and core value is to safeguard your health. Though my clinic is now closed to keep from potentially exposing you to any danger, I am no less present, doing my best to impart helpful, healthful information with the aim of keeping you well and out of danger.

I’m guessing you’ve already seen plenty of information about handwashing, social distancing and the like. I’d like to add some additional tools to your toolbox for these challenging times that are unique to my profession.

If you have any questions or comments about any of what follows, simply leave a comment below, call me or contact me through my contact form, and I’ll be happy to chat.

I’ll even try not to touch my face while doing so.

Interesting times indeed

Viruses, Pandemics, and Chinese Medicine

Having a history of several thousand years means that Chinese medicine has already lived through countless deadly epidemics. There are many foundational texts in the Chinese medical canon about how to treat these conditions, and one of the ways modern-day China has been effectively dealing with the coronavirus is through the traditional formulas found in those books.

I’d be happy to talk to you about these and share some further information if you like. For now, I’m going to start with the assumption that you don’t have symptoms and would like to stay well, so let’s focus on prevention.

Health Is The Best Medicine

Chinese medicine first developed within the philosophical milieu of Taoism. Traditional Taoist hygiene often speaks of “one taste:” The wisdom that our sleeping, eating, and breathing are all inextricably linked. Do one of those three well and the others will be positively influenced.

Eating poorly? It will affect your sleep.

Having trouble sleeping? Change your eating habits. You get the point.

As we go through several of the ideas in my series of blogs, keep in mind that these are not all-or-nothing propositions. Each of these suggestions is linked, like holograms of one another.

Systems theory states that a change in any one part of a system will change the rest of the system. So if what follows seems overwhelming, don’t fret—just try one or two of these recommendations and the rest of the system will change for the better.

In my next article in the series, I will go into the individual recommendations in detail. In the meantime if you wish to contact me please leave a message below or contact me over here. To book an online consultation click below.

Adapted a from group file compiled by Jason Luban. Thank you!

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