Movement: Get regular, moderate exercise. Regular exercise helps keep our immune system healthy and builds lung capacity and endurance. Breaking a sweat on a regular basis allows our body to excrete toxins that don’t get cleared as well through other channels.


Many of us will have been stuck in our houses for a while until all this shakes out, but that’s no excuse. There are a ton of free online resources for indoor exercise.

Check out The Body Coach on YouTube, or Pop Sugar’s free workouts. Are you an avid cyclist or runner? Indoor training with apps like Zwift are like virtual reality workouts that you can do with other people. Most come with free introductory periods and many local gyms are also now doing their classes online.

Just make sure you’re not overtraining and exhausting yourself. You always want to leave some energy in the tank in case your body needs to mount a big immune response.

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Adapted a from group file compiled by Jason Luban. Thank you!

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