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Pregnancy Aromatherapy

Pregnancy Aromatherapy is a safe practice that assists women in coping with the symptoms of pregnancy, and is a wonderful way of easing the pain and discomfort during labour.

Aromatherapy Massage during pregnancy is a gentle therapy that supports and promotes a sense of nurturing and calm, centring you in the essence of childbirth as a normal but significant life event.

Pregnancy Aromatherapy can:

  • Help to relieve physical discomfort
  • Help to tone muscles and relieve cramps
  • Help to eliminate waste products
  • Stimulate and drain the lymphatic system
  • Eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention
  • Improve circulation and thereby reduce the severity of varicose veins, thread veins and piles
  • Relax you – reducing tension in neck and shoulders
  • Relax and soothe muscles under strain from increasing burden of baby
  • Improve flow of energy through the body and help minimise fatigue
  • Maintain skin suppleness and therefore help to reduce stretch marks
  • Increase the feeling of wellbeing, treating the body as a whole
  • Promote sleep
  • Help prepare your body for childbirth
  • Help prevent complications at labour
  • Work at an emotional level and help ease fears, pain and anxiety


Happy mother, happy baby!


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