Virtual Fertility Consultation

Virtual Fertility Consultation: I want you to know that I am here for you and that I’d love to be a resource for you in as many ways as I possibly can. That’s why I have launched Virtual Fertility Consultations – so that you can connect with me no matter where you are!

During the virtual consultation, we will discuss your fertility goals and your past medical history. We will complete a full consultation, as I would in person, using traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. To start your fertility journey and if required, I will additionally recommend and prescribe Chinese Herbal medicine delivered directly to your door and further in-person treatments tailored to what’s needed for your personal circumstances.

Acupuncture or Reflexology, Maya Abdominal Massage appointments, and Herbal prescriptions are charged separately.

Moreover, I may recommend dietary and lifestyle advice, further hormonal and thyroid profile tests and/or a fertility test to assess your AMH levels from your GP and advise that you start tracking your Basal Body Temperature to assess your monthly cycle to enhance your natural fertility.

I will follow up with you by email, with the summary of what we discussed and all the information you need to do the groundwork required to increase your chances of natural fertility, as well as specific food recommendations based on the Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

Virtual Online Consultation

How to schedule your Virtual Consultation Appointment

How does the online consultation work?

  • Fees

    The fees are £60 for 60 minutes and £30 for 30 minutes. Acupuncture, Reflexology, Maya Abdominal Massage appointments and Herbal prescriptions are charged separately and will be recommended to you if necessary.

  • Book online

    When booking online make sure to select ‘New Clients’ or ‘Existing Clients’ then ‘Online Video Consultation’

  • Email me

    I can be reached through my contact form.

  • Call me

    You can pickup the phone and reach me on 07739188652, please leave a message as I might be busy with other patients.

  • Appointment Confirmation

    Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email (check your SPAM if not received) which includes a link and a unique access code to your appointment.

  • How to prepare for your session

    Please make sure you run through the steps to prepare for your session. The link to this is included in your confirmation email or click below.
    How to prepare for your appointment.